Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for the APRASSA 2023 Congress Participants

1. Registration fees, Exhibition bookings and Sponsorships

All delegates must pay the registration fee prior to arrival at the Congress. Participants are also advised to have a copy of their payment slip when going to the registration desk at the Congress just in case they are requested to show proof of the payment on their arrival. Exhibition fees and Sponsorships should be paid in full at least 30 days before the start of the Congress, except where alternatove arrangements are made,

2. Cancellation Policy

Please forward all cancellations in writing to Candice Penfold (candice@aprassa.co.za). 

Cancellations received before 31 July 2023: 5% of fees paid to be forfeited.

All cancellations received after 31 July 2023: 75% of fees to be forfeited.
Participants must make sure they receive an acknowledgement of their cancellation from the APRASSA secretariat. Only this will confirm that their request has been received and processed

4. Liability     

The Organising Committee of the APRASSA 2023 Congress reserves the right to amend any part of the Congress programme if necessary, at any time.

The Organising Committee of SAPDC 2023 and the conference organiser will not accept liability for damages of any nature sustained by delegates or accompanying persons, or loss of, or damage to their personal property as a result of the conference or related events.

In the event of industrial disruption or other unforeseen circumstances, the Organising Committee of SAPDC 2023 and the conference organiser accept no responsibility for loss of monies incurred by delegates.

  1. Personal Insurance

APRASSA 2023, the Organising Committee of APRASSA 2023 and the conference organiser cannot be held responsible for healthcare, dental and ambulance services during its conferences or events. We strongly recommend that participants take out comprehensive personal, medical and travel insurance, which should cover the possibility of flight cancellation due to strikes and other causes. Therefore, the Organising Committee of SAPDC 2023 and the conference organiser accept no responsibility of any nature whatsoever for personal injury, death, loss or damage.

Exhibitors should insure their equipment adequately for the duration of the congress.  Neither APRASSA nor the Congress Committee nor the Kruger Gate Hotel  will be held liable for any loss, damage(s) or theft caused in any matter whatsoever.

5. Privacy Legislation

In registering for the APRASSA 2023 Congress, relevant details will be incorporated into a participant list for the benefit of the Trade respresentatives. Normally this information would be: name, surname, institution, country and email address. These details may also be available to parties directly related to the Congress including the venues and accommodation providers. The Organising Committee may use these details to inform current participants of Congress updates or future congresses via email. Participants are responsible for advising the Organising Committee if they do not wish to have their email addresses included in the Congress participant list.